About the Stockholm Marketing Association

The Stockholm Marketing Association is one of Sweden’s leading networks for marketing and communications professionals. We date back to 1919 with a role as a meeting place within skills development for professionals in marketing, communication, public relations and media.

We focus on the exchange of experience between the Stockholm region’s leading companies and individuals. We monitor Swedish and international trends and serve as a channel for new research in marketing.

We create a platform for skills development and networking and encourage our members, often in leading positions, to constantly develop their professional roles in marketing and communications.


Do you want to promote your company towards the members of the Stockholm Marketing Association?

The members of the Stockholm Marketing Association are an affluent, attractive target group, many in decision-making positions. They are open-minded and receptive to new trends. By leveraging the Stockholm Marketing Association’s channels you reach the target audience in a positive context in which they themselves have chosen to receive information.

Do you want to become a long term partner to the Stockholm Marketing Association?

Promote your business in connection with our activities and communication. We organize a number of seminars each year, including a major event in connection with the Marketing Manager of the Year awards. We also offer the possibility to advertise on our web site or our digital newsletter to reach all our members.

Contact CEO Marie Sommar, marie(@)mis.se, +46-701 463 422

Marketing Manager of the Year award

The Stockholm Marketing Association has awarded the ”Marketing Manager of the Year” since 2005. The aim is to highlight the excellent work being done in marketing departments around the country, emphasizing good practice and spreading knowledge on effective approaches and good leadership.


The award ”Marketing Manager of the Year” is based on the following five criteria:

  • Business Results
  • Leadership
  • Personal achievement
  • Company brand
  • Ethics

Some previous winners

2023: Johan Fernstedt, UNIONEN (Marketing Manager of the Year), Zu-Yon Han, SUICIDE ZERO (Future Promise of the Year), Charly (Disruptor of the Year), Arken Zoo (Brand Journey of the Year)
2022: Nils Rylén, POLESTAR, (Marketing Manager of the Year), Liza Eriksson, REDLOCKER (Future Promise of the Year), Skipperi (Disruptor of the Year), Jula (Brand Journey of the Year)
2020: Christian Cabau, KLARNA (Marketing Manager of the Year), Roza Azimi, SNAPTIVE (Future Promise of the Year), Matsmart (Disruptor of the Year), PostNord (Brand Journey of the Year)
: Pino Roscigno – Stadium (Marketing Manager of the Year)
Marika Baltscheffsky – MEDS Apotek (Future Promise of the Year)
FirstVet (Disruptor of the Year)
Polisen (Swedish Police Authority), (Brand Journey of the Year)
: Emma Stjernlöf – Adidas (Marketing Manager of the Year)
Siduri Poli – Changers Hub (Future Promise of the Year)
TransferGalaxy (Disruptor of the Year)
Klarna (Brand Journey of the Year)
2017: Patrik Nygren-Bonnier, IKEA (Marketing Manager of the Year)
Malin Cronqvist, Help to Help (Future Promise of the Year)
Karma (Disruptor of the Year)
Semcon (Brand Journey of the Year)
2015, Catarina Falkenhav, ABBA – the Museum
2014, Lina Söderqvist, Björn Borg
2013, Claes Dahlén, Mr Green
2012, Lars-Johan Strand, Stadium
2011: Mariette Kristenson, Pressbyrån och Lena Strand, Folksam.

Contact us

Welcome to contact us at the Stockholm Marketing Association!

E-mail: info(@)mis.se
Visiting address: Waterfront Building, 2nd floor, Klarabergsviadukten 63, Stockholm, Sweden
Postal address: Marknadsföreningen Stockholm, Waterfront Building, Box 190, 101 23 Stockholm

CEO – Marie Sommar, marie@mis.se, +46 701 463 422
Digital Editor – Per Almegård, per@mis.se, +46 768 370 333
Project Management and Membership – Elina Andersson, elina@mis.se, +46 734 028 742
For general questions, please contact us at info@mis.se

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