Nätverket B2B: B2B Brands in the age of the customer

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B2B Brands in the age of the customer

Today’s business buyers have grown up in the consumer economy. They expect B2B vendors to deliver the same experience as consumer brands.

Contrary to our common illusion, B2B buyers don’t choose vendors that deliver the best features at the best price. They choose brands that deliver experience and meaning.

We’ll explore why building a strong brand is quickly becoming a necessity in today’s B2B Market. It’s the only way to capture a customer’s attention, signal that you understand their needs, and gain their trust.

But when B2B companies embrace a strong brand culture, they hit resistance. As B2B marketing moves beyond brochures and trade show booths, investments needs to keep up. We’ll look into some of the common barriers B2B marketing teams hit and how to address them.

B2B Sales teams in particular view themselves as the guardians of customer interactions and can feel threatened when marketing takes the spotlight. We’ll discuss how a successful brand transformation can only happen if the whole organization changes. Otherwise, it’s just a new set of business cards.

You’ll leave this session with three lessons:

  • The future of B2B is a Strong Brand: it’s what drives buyer choices, as consumers and as professionals
  • A B2B brand is more than a logo: a successful rebrand is as much about culture and change management than about design
  • A Strong B2B brand is a valuable asset: branding should be considered as a strategic priority by execs.


När: Torsdag 23 maj, kl 16.00-18.00
Var: Frontit, Ludvigsbergsgatan 20, Stockholm



  1. Mikkel Drucker, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Master degrees in Export Engineering and in Organization & Strategy.
    Mikkel has strong competencies within digital, marketing, product management, business management and eCommerce, with 20 years of experience in driving business growth in IT, technology and SaaS industries. Prior to joining Tacton, Mikkel was CMO at Atea.
  2. Rickard Bäcklin, Former CMO of THE Internet backbone and disruptive change-maker by communication. Twenty-five plus years’ experience from corporate business brand building on the global arena. Practical experience from conceptualizing customer-oriented brand promises and offerings within Telecoms, IT, Biotech, Energy, Insurance, Financial services, Shipping, Health Care, Rubber, Chemical, Mining and more…
    Specialties: B2B, Corporate Branding, Repositioning, Start-up conceptualization, Research and analysis, Idea generation, Sell-in presentations.


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